Alec: A Journey Through Ink and Art

Traditional Roots, Versatile Styles – Discover Alec's Award-Winning Tattoo Artistry

Alec is a seasoned tattoo artist with roots in Chicago, boasting an impressive journey across the tattoo scene in various cities. He has honed his craft in Milwaukee, Tampa, California, and now Las Vegas, working primarily in award-winning shops throughout his career. His experience is deeply rooted in traditional tattoo styles, but his versatility allows him to excel in various styles, making him a well-rounded and sought-after artist.

Alec's passion for tattooing knows no bounds. Over his 13-year career, he has tattooed almost every part of the human body, with a few personal exceptions. While he refrains from tattooing portraits of family members, he is enthusiastic about creating stunning celebrity and movie character portraits. Alec has a particular affinity for Japanese tattoos and ornamental patterns, where his artistic flair truly shines.

In addition to his extensive tattooing experience, Alec has also dabbled in piercing, offering basic piercings intermittently over the past three years. His dedication to his craft extends beyond his own work; he has apprenticed two artists, one of whom is now booked for months, and the other owns their own shop. This mentorship highlights Alec's commitment to the growth and development of the tattooing community.

Alec's creative talents are not confined to tattooing alone. He is a passionate musician, playing drums, bass, guitar, and even singing. This musical inclination adds another layer to his artistic expression, showcasing his multifaceted creativity. At home, Alec enjoys the company of his beloved Chihuahua-Pitbull mix, Ozzy, who keeps him grounded and joyful.

Having been in Las Vegas for about three years, Alec has embraced the vibrant and dynamic tattoo scene in the city. His positive mentality and spiritually grounded life philosophy contribute to his approach to tattooing. Alec believes in the power of love, gratitude, and positivity, and he strives to infuse these values into every tattoo he creates. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to tattoo and cherishes the life he lives today, always aiming to remain happy and fulfilled with a tattoo machine in hand.

Whether you're looking for a traditional piece, a Japanese tattoo, or a unique ornamental pattern, Alec's expertise and passion will ensure you leave with a masterpiece you'll love. Book an appointment with Alec today and experience his exceptional artistry and positive spirit.


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